Author Guidelines

A. General Requirements

The minimum standard requirements of REKONSTRUKSI TADULAKO: Civil Engineering Journal on Research and Development must be

  1. Written in English or Bahasa Indonesia using MS Word using Times New Roman.

  2. The length of the submitted paper is at least 4 pages and no more than 15 pages. Editors will evaluate if a paper is needing more than 15 pages.

  3. Use of a tool such as Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote for reference management and formatting, and choose IEEE style. As part of the production system for RENSTRA, online versions of all reference lists will, wherever possible, be linked electronically using CrossRef.

  4. Make sure that your paper is prepared by using the RENSTRA Template.

B. Structure of The Manuscript

The manuscript must be prepared and suggested present follow the structure:

  1. Title. The title of the paper should describe research aims, method/model, and objective, without Acronym or abbreviation

  2. Abstract. The Abstract has a maximum 200 words; No citation; State in the abstract a primary objective, research design, methodology, main outcomes, and results, and the conclusions.

  3. Section structure. Authors are suggested to present their articles in the section structure: Introduction - Material and Methods - Results and Discussion – Conclusion

  4. References. Expect a minimum of 15 references primarily with a minimum of 70% to journal papers.

Please contact info for the problems.